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          IRA CDs

          Your tool to create a more rewarding retirement plan

          If you've already established retirement savings through an Individual Retirement Account, you may be ready to roll your contributions into an IRA CD, that will grow your funds with a fixed rate guarantee of return throughout your retirement. Our IRA CD provides peace of mind with a fixed interest rate, the tax advantages of an IRA, and the guaranteed returns of a CD. Open an FDIC-insured account with as little as $250 and choose your time frame — from 1 to 120 months.

          • Minimum balance to open $250
          • Monthly maintenance fee $0
          • Distribution
            Early withdrawal fees may apply, with exceptions for age and certain other conditions.1 All withdrawals are subject to IRS tax regulations and penalties.

          Questions? Ask a Citizen.
          Questions? Ask a Citizen.

          IRA CD Benefits

          • Ready to apply?

            Here's what you need to get started:

            • To learn more, find out about current rates, or open an IRA CD, call 1-800-948-7200 or go to a Citizens Banking branch location. Link to branch locator.

              You may also want to consult a tax advisor for information or deductions for your IRA contributions to the savings account and CDs.

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